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Olympus and Delphi

So, the Greeks are big on their "no posing" rule regarding their statues of ancient gods. This apparently extends to their ancient sites as well, as I was told that I couldn't pose at the starting line to the footrace area in the ancient home of the Olympics. But they told me this after I got a few shots off, so I hope you like them.


"No Posing!" Seriously, I got in trouble for this photo.
The original Olympic podiums?
Olympus, pre-ruin
Reverse view of Olympus


After Olympus, we drove up the west coast and crossed into Delphi, home of the Oracle. Lots of hiking up hills got us to yet another pile of rocks with historic significance.
Okay, the view's not bad.
The ruins of the Oracle at Delphi
The Oracle of Delphi, pre-ruin
You'll notice that the ground is rocky, yet I have sandals on.
RRR posing again
An elaborate Greek mailbox
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