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The city of Athens has two distinct time periods for construction: Amazing ruins and stuff that was built a couple of decades ago (that is rather ugly). Fortunately for you, we mostly took pictures of the former.
The Parthenon
The Barter-thon


A mix of old and new 
In hindsight, we should have expected the place to look ruined.
Let's go up to the city on the hill, shall we?

Setting up the amphitheater for a concert
It's a bit of a fixer-upper
Detail from previous photo
More ruin porn.
A view down to where we were earlier
See the gate in the lower left?
Details matter.
It wasn't until the Romans that roofs became standard on temples.
More stonework detail
This makes a fun desktop background.


More stone carvings

The Acropolis from below
Don't go to the Agora if you have a fear of wide open spaces,
for obvious reasons (agoraphobia)
The Acropolis lit up at night
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