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This Is Sparta!

We drove through Sparta, totally hyped up to see the remnants of the legendary warrior culture.
RRR & Leonidas looking for 298 more Spartans
 As legendary as Sparta is as a culture, they weren't really known for their architectural pursuits. Which is why the present-day ruins of ancient Sparta look kind of like an abandoned camping ground.
This is Sparta!
That over there? That's Sparta, too.


The Statue of Leonidas is one of the few monuments in Sparta.
Not what you think of when you hear "Greek ruins"

All that is left of Sparta


But the cliffs/mountains in the area are still legendary. I ended up being the driver on twisting, turning, winding mountain roads that even passed under and through parts of the cliffs. It was a fun, yet white-knuckle, driving experience since there was also head-on traffic!
Check out that incline!
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