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Two Years In: Nicosia, Cyprus

During our second year exploring the island of Cyprus, we roamed from the northeastern Karpas Peninsula to the western Akamas Peninsula and southeastern Cape Greco. We experienced the small villages, local festivals, and the natural beauty of Cyprus.
And even though Cyprus is remarkably diverse for such a small place, sometimes we still had to get away and visit places off of the island, so we've included those trips as well.

Our Cyprus Experience: August 2018 to August 2019

On the Island of Cyprus
Nicosia (or Lefkosia in Greek - Lefkoşa in Turkish)
Famagusta (or Ammochostos in Greek - Gazimağusa in Turkish)
Limassol (or Lemesos in Greek - Limasol in Turkish)
Larnaca (also spelled Larnaka)
Paphos (also spelled Pafos - Baf in Turkish) and
Kyrenia (or Kerynia in Greek - Girne in Turkish)
  • Karpaz Peninsula (Aug 19) / golden beach donkeys last day in year 2
  • Bellapais Abbey
  • Karsiyaka sea turtle hatching
  • Omodos 27 Dec 18
  • Akamas peninula (Dec 18) with fam/kara beach (with/without fam car stuck?)/polis boat25 Nov
  • Aphrodite rock 27 Dec 18
  • 4 nov zivania festival - alona?
  • Famagusta - a bike with nat13 Oct 18, with the fam?
  • Natalie's run (Kacey)
  • agia napa tri (w natalie)?
  • shekalim sailing (general, but on the rescue day of 14 Jul)
  • Paphos 5k swim
  • dec night flood-4 dec
  • Feb - yurts
  • Feb db championships
  • project: aug recover chairs 9 August 18 (technically year 1)
  • Jun 6 - national day
  • athalass park 25 mar
  • protaras/cyclops cave 12 jan 19 cape greco
  • Artemis trail - 1 Oct 18
Off the Island of Cyprus
  • Malta / gozo 16 jun
  • Bulgaria: Sophia, monastery, Plovdiv, black sea (29 Apr-4 May)
  • Greece: Athens, Nafplion 6 Jan, Delphi, Thessaloniki (18-19 May)
  • Switerland: Zuerich (30 dec 18-jan 8), tobaganning, braunwald
  • US - Jamestown
  • US island girls' ears pierced
  • UK - thistle pods at LHR
Cyprus in the News
  • link (Date)

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