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Breaking & Fixing Things

Ever have a project that you know will take a lot of work to fix, so you don't even start? Yeah, that's this blog right now. So, I threw a brick through the window and reformatted the site! Which, of course, means that many of the posts won't look right, or a link or two might go to the wrong place until I discover them.

The Plan
The first step is to nail down the template. I know there are some ads and other things out there that just don't work. Sorry about that.

After that, current content will hopefully get a one-for-one match with old posts. There are several in the mid-2000s that might be more of my notes than anything else, but I swear there are photos too. But you  probably care more about the current content (that we've got sitting around since last year) than stuff from a decade ago.

After format and content, you might see a little reorganization. Maybe. No guarantees.

The Timeline
If this weren't a hobby site, I'd probably be concerned about this. But my family and job come first, so my free-time and energy is limited. But I hope to have the formatting completed by September.

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