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One Year In: Nicosia, Cyprus

We've just completed the first year of our assignment to Cyprus, and the time has flown by. We've been busy, but still had time to explore. We did suffer a few losses, but we've also increased our quality time.  Here are the highlights of our last year, now that we've gotten our feet wet.

Our Arrival in Cyprus
Everything from getting our assignment up to the arrival of our household effects is covered in our Start of Tour Summary for Nicosia Cyprus.

Our life in Cyprus
It took us longer to settle in to life in Cyprus than we'd anticipated. Part of that was due simply to how quickly we got the girls actively engaged in doing things, so that was fine. Our previous tour in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia had taken more of a toll on us than we'd recognized.  Have you heard how prisoners who are released after serving their time are confronted with an overwhelming amount of freedom and they just don't know what to do? That's kind of what it was like, and required us to shift our thinking more than we'd expected.

On a personal level, we lost several loved ones during our first year on the island. About a month after our arrival, we lost our dog Chip to a massive seizure. Over the winter holidays, Greg's father lost his two year battle with cancer. In the spring, it was time to say goodbye to our very old cat. That same week, while still mourning the old cat, we were forced to say goodbye to our other cat Bertie who was poisoned by a neighbor. Here are the posts that tell those stories:
We also adopted a rescue puppy in the fall, so we still have one furry friend roaming the house. And we're planning to adopt two more cats. So we'll have a full house again, just not the same one we started our tour with. And we also got a tour of the USS Iwo Jima when it came into port.

Things kind of specific to working in Nicosia and/or Cyprus
It's hard to talk about Cyprus without bringing up the "Cyprus Problem", which is the fact that the island of Cyprus is not unified and the city of Nicosia itself is the last divided capital city in the world. The UN administers the "Green Line" buffer-zone / no-man's-land between the north and the south of the island, and both sides of the line have a very different vibe.

Things to do and places to see in Cyprus:
Cyprus is a Mediterranean island that possesses a long history. We've only scratched the surface of things to do and places to see in Cyprus, but here are some of the highlights.
Hiking in the Troodos Mountains

(Yes, there's snow in Cyprus)
Aphrodite's Rock & the Baths of Aphrodite
Staycationing in Paphos
Exploring the shoreline at Ayia Napa and Cape Greco

Trips from Cyprus
Even though Cyprus is a vacation destination, sometimes it's good to get away for a bit. We haven't developed island fever just yet, either.

Cyprus in the News
In general, most of the news in some way connects to the "will-they/won't they" reunification talks. That's just about the whether or not the talks will happen, much less whether or not reunification will happen. Most every newsworthy item has some financial aspect to it.
So, yeah. We're enjoying our time in Cyprus.


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