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Luxor - West Bank

For Egyptians, the West Bank is the dead bank. The Theban Necropolis is where you can find the ancient pharoahs buried in the Valley of the Kings and the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut. After visiting both sites, we continued southward on our Nile Cruise and interacted with the local merchants on the shoreline.
Our Ticket to The Valley of the Kings

Hey, this is in draft right now because I'm just trying to clear out the backlog. photos are up, along with some notes, but no guarantees where the links go.

Valley of kings. 
Left at 7am, picked up balloonists...not worth it they said.

Valley of kings

No photos, huge fine.

3D model w tombs under gift from Japan.

Sons of Ramses 2 in unusual layout, T-shaped to hold lots of sons.
First tomb was tip modus, 1500 bc.
Also, cheops? Tut and family dad mom nefertiti

Pr-ra-mid, staircase for soul to reach God Arun Ra in heaven. Pr hole in heaven ra(god) med(stair)
Stonework/plaster/draw (red then black master)/carve/paint. Colors from nature/local carbon black, blue malachite, green?, yellow limestone...mixed w egg white.
Light: bronze mirror in date, sesame oil (no smoke, salted to soak up carbon).
70 days for mummification, if tomb unfinished, contractor turns over. Pretty vs plain. So, tomb was first thing new Pharoah did.

3 tombs we went in:
1) kv8, merenptah, maybe during Moses time? From high salt content. Quite deep. Had to carry kit back up. Large vault
2) Ramses iv, very detailed. Chinese woman had her phone taken away for taking photo. Not Japanese, per guide, as they follow the rules.
3) Ramses vii, red lines

Now, remember how I said no photos? Well, the good people over at Egypt VR not only took photos, they made it into an interactive 360 experience!

Learned our police escort was due to Slovenian Ambassador to Egypt.



Alabaster store, got Osiris jackal embalming urn --- (photo?)

Yes, this photo was for the white crocodile.
Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple
Hatshepsut Tomb.

Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple of Hatshetsup
Lots of people wanted photos of girls.

A model in the making?
"Can we take a picture with you?"

#VR-hatshepsut Egypt
VR also has an awesome 3D experience of the Hatshepsut Tomb:


Colossi of memnon
Google goggles identified this photo for me!

Underway just before lunch at 1pm.

Occasional sales boats shouting from river.

 Went thru lock.

Crazy shore salesmen tossing linen goods up. Got hit by some. Our 6-year-old tried to throw one back and it fell into the river.

And then we headed down the Nile to see the temples in Edfu and Komombo.

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