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Prague in Winter

Looking for last-minute travel to Central Europe? Might I suggest Prague? It's a beautiful city any time of year thanks to the historic architecture, so if you don't mind the cold (or like to drink to get warm), winter is the time to go to avoid all the tourists (but still have a lot of fun).

Prague at Night

The medieval Prague Astronomical Clock in Old Town
The Pilsner is a Czech specialty,
Not sure about pork knee though...

Outside the Jewish Cemetery in Prague
I'll eat there when pigs fly...well, okay then.

RRR outside the Prague Castle
Changing of the guard at Prague Castle
RRR gets inside the Parable of the Skull Statue, Daliborka Tower
Detail of St. Vitus Cathedral
A very tiny door (sorry for not providing visual reference)
Gates of the Prague Castle
RRR sampling absinthe
The original Budweiser is Czech, and SO much better than the US version.
We found the best way to explore Prague during winter was to walk until we got cold, stop into a restaurant for some food or drinks, warm up, then get back out there. Since this trip was somewhat last minute, we hit the major tourist sites and all sorts of little places in between. Prague is always a fun city, so you should definitely consider adding it to any itinerary if you can. TOP:





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