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Karshi-Khanabad Site Survey

Ah, the cool, crisp morning air. Had breakfast, checked email and then visited the site again. Since it hadn't rained overnight, this looks like the day to finally get our tests done. Went back to CE after observing the soil/water situation.
This utility vehicle can park anywhere! 
Stopped by the Uzbek bank at 10:50, waited until 11:00 for the banker to show up. "Bought" $5 USD worth of local currency. This is the same guy in a suit that we saw walking away from the bank yesterday that I thought looked out of place.
We went to lunch after that, then did our tests until just before sundown when we saw a few paratroopers falling from the sky, C-130 overhead, mountains in the background and the rising moon in the blue sky. Very cool way to end the day. We'll probably get out here again in a day or two...have to wait and see.
Goodnight, moon.
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