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Karshi-Khanabad batch plant visit

I thought the hot water in the showers was all used up, but it just took a while. Went over the the Civil Engineering office and took a ride with them to the batch plant to see how they test materials used in the project. A few cups of green tea, failure tests, and lots of dirt. Fun stuff.

The ground is still too wet to test, so hopefully tomorrow. I watched the latter half of "The Rundown" after dinner. Went to CE to check email and got stopped by a colonel who said we couldn't wear our RED HORSE hats on his base. We said we were allowed, quoted the reg, and even produced a highlighted hard copy. Yeah...he didn't like that at all, but walked away after we told him we were leaving in a few days.
Also, today we stopped at the Uzbek bank, which is only open when it has money.
The National Bank of Uzbekistan? Really?
Went shopping for gifts again, but when I asked about the price the cashier told me that the items were $2-$3. We cleaned out the shelves. 

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