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A day off in Karshi-Khanabad

As predicted, I slept well last night.The showers have hot water. I almost scalded myself.figuring out the handle. But at least it was warm. There's more cool drizzle this morning. We got breakfast and met the with the other engineers to get up to speed on their project. Since it rained yesterday, we should be good for tomorrow. Visited the site- very rural, but for the MiG-29s and Su-27s. Kinda weird to see them up close.

The US & Uzbek Flags
MiG 29s
Since everyone here takes today off, we had to too. Fortunately, there was a bazaar and I got some locally made gifts. I walked around a bit more to see what there was to see.
There is nothing to see here: "Use of Deadly Force Authorized"
I watched a volleyball game between the engineers and the logisticians, then went to the movie theater that had 45 couch-like seats and watched "the Big Lebowski" while it rained. Went back to the chow hall for dinner, then to the exchange again. Then played cards for about 45 minutes. The locals here are a mix of Russian, Asian, and Persian features...but leaning toward Russian.

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