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The Middle East is kind of like West Texas

It's like 0515, I'd been up for at least two hours.

Same picture, different exposure so you can actually see my face.

World's largest sand trap.

Hammering concrete forms to release trapped air.

Hurricane Ivan hits home. Lucky me, no damage.

4-wheelin' through the desert.

Local Lounge Lizard. That's a 2x4 it's holding for scale.

Around 0430, fog so thick you can't see the end of the dorm building.

When the sun came up, the fog was still very thick.

I've been sitting here waiting for a ride on the new MBTA Tan Line.

Oh, and the Red Sox swept the 2004 World Series.

The sunsets here are enchanting. I also like the contrast between the sun-bleached
white rocks with the dark tan sand, which makes the barren scenery a little more scenic.

If it were up to me, we'd be running our morning PT in formation and calling out jodies as loud as we can.
But 24-hr quiet hours puts a damper on that kind of fun. I'm leading the pack, far right.

Up in the mornin' with the risin' sun, gonna run all day 'til the runnin's done

My first day of work after my promotion to 1st Lieutenant. Same job, same duties, still responding to "LT"

If you're wondering why I've got sunglasses on...

The view from my chair as the sun sets. Rather bright. Check out the dust that's encrusted on the glass.

My first ride on a military aircraft. Fortunately, I got a window seat.

One of the reasons I joined the Air Force was to go where most tourists don't.

For instance, Uzbekistan. Yes, it is a real country, and I've been there.

Days over 120F: 11
Hottest day: 9 Sep 04 (129F, 102 WBGT)
Highest WBGT: 8 Sep 04 (122 WBGT, 116F)

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