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Off We Go! A New Adventure Begins

As they say, "and a wake-up."
This is the last sunrise I'll see from the dorms before we get...
I drove down from Maxwell AFB, AL to Hurlburt Field, FL that same day. My first salute as an officer was actually from the Hurlburt gate guard.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Um, yeah, so this is where I finally ended up, after leaving my apartment in Boston on July 24th. That's 107 days, and over 8,300 miles! I guess that, technically, I was a nomad for nearly four months when you consider that I had no permanent address while at OTS. Imagine trying to pack everything into a 14 cu. ft. trunk and back seat that you thought you might need somewhere in the U.S. in the next 4 months.

And now for the next adventure!
Look out future, here I come.

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