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A day off in Doha

Today was the first time in a month that I wore civilian clothes. Tim and I went downtown with Kevin, first to a mall, then to meet with our contracting connection. The mall was big. Had Starbucks, bought another swimsuit.
My kind of Oasis

Our map isn't current. The intersections are roundabouts and traffic laws don't seem to apply. It's awesome, like a video game. You could also describe it as "25 monkeys with their tails tied together, thrown into a pit with a crocodile." Met with our contractor and had some Turkish coffee. He accidentally on some TV ad for Europorn. Weird. Had a buffett lunch at the Marriot. Nive. Salmon, good cheese, real bread. Plus local dishes.

We drove around afterwards, validating the map. It's so off it's funny. But we did find a few places worth visiting next time for pics & gifts. Returned for the unit's BBQ, watched Olympic soccer, then found out that I now have internet in my room.
Really? A School bus?
All in all, a good day.

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