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Quick trip to the Embassy

Woke at 3am, thought about sleeping in, but I went to the gym and biked 20 miles. At least I think it's miles, but I probably should have checked. Then I did some PT, ran 2 miles. Went downtown to get Kevin's passport with him at the embassy. I was basically just going along because we're not allowed to go downtown alone.

We turned a street too early and ended up getting lost, but it turned out we were only driving in circles. The embassy is ok, but it's customer service section is only open like 12 hours a week. Got back without incident. I stayed late at the office for a meeting, then dropped Kevin off at the passenger terminal (yes, he got the passport on the day he left). Now I have his truck. All mine.

Surf & turf wednesday, and I was pretty much exhausted. I wanted to swim, but didn't have time for it tonight. Also waiting on my goggles to arrive.

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