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Hong Kong, for real this time

I woke up around 6:30 am, but I didn't have to. I think that I just don't want to miss my flight, since there will be someone from Johnson Electric waiting for me at the airport in Hong Kong. I checked out of my last windowless room for a while and hopped into a cab bound for the airport around 8 o'clock. As it turns out, my flight, CX710 was scheduled to depart at 8:10 am. I would have completely missed it, had it not been cancelled because of the Cathay Pacific pilot/management dispute. I boarded CX714 around 10:45. In my itinerary, I had the departure time of my flight to Bali as the time to depart Singapore. Doh. I sat next to a woman named Helen, a worker for Bayer who was from Singapore. We talked about a number of things, like politics and what to do in Hong Kong. We landed around 3:15 and I was through customs with my bags out of storage by 3:40. Now I need to find my ride to the apartment.

I didn't see anyone waving my name, which is to be expected since I arrived on a different flight, at a different time. So I got McD's for lunch. I called the apartment at 4:10, and Chris answered the phone. He said he'd make the calls and get someone out to get me. I talked with an older man about the airport, Bangkok, and the weather until 5pm. It's just as overcast now as when I first stopped in on my way to Bangkok. I was just about to join the queue for ice cream when I ran into an old guy walking briskly with my name on a placard, right around 5:30.

The view from my room
The scenery on the way to the place is great. We arrived at the apartment around 6:30. There are around 5 locks I have to open to get into my room, starting from the guard desk in the lobby. Chris and I went out to the nearby market and picked up some food stuffs. I'm on the second floor of a 37-story building. We have the needed amenities, and my room is literally an 8'x8' box with a wall of windows that face the complex's park. I can see them clearly, so I'm pretty sure they can see me too. I went to sleep around 10ish.

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