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A Full Day of Travel

Boston, USA
"The Trip" begins. It's 10:35 am, my stuff is all packed for the summer, either to go or to stay in Boston. The bus leaves at 2 pm so now I'm killing time. I had lunch at the Pourhouse. A fine American meal. Left home at 1 pm. It's really hot to be carrying these two large bags. My heart rate was 130 after walking to the T. The fiddlin' midget from the Boston Commons was at Park Street station. By 1:37 pm, I was in line for the bus to NYC. The bus was packed just enough so that I had to play "the match game". You know, find the person you want to sit with since you're not getting a row to yourself. I sat with a trucker from Maine relocating jobs to North Carolina.

The bus was fun because it had:
  1. street-talkin' guys in the back (know what I'm sayin', G?),
  2. a target-rich environment for mockery (the NYC streets), and
  3. a trash-talking driver.
We arrived at 6:30 pm in NYC. The shutttle bus to the airport went by Times Square, NY Public Library (the one with the lions), and Grand Central Station. At JFK by 7:30 pm. I had no problem checking my bags in, since I was 2 and a half hours early. Well, that's not quite correct. The ticket made it look like I was going to Bangkok, which was true. But my big bags weren't. The plus side: I'd realized this before I had gotten too far, and there still weren't any people. I explained the deal and the nice lady got right on it. Bags set, I went looking for food.

I walked down the whole terminal until I came to a Burger King that was closing down for the night. I was last in line. All sorts of concessions were made between people in the line "You don't want cheese on that? I'll take the one with cheese instead." Met a girl (she was the one who took the cheese) named Anja in the dining room--I don't like eating alone. And it's always fun to dine with beautiful people, even if it's over burgers. She's German, but you wouldn't know it. She goes to Florida Institute of Technology and is a lot like Megan--my former roommate Chad's girlfriend--in the "coolness" department. We hung out (her flight to Brussels was well after mine) and talked about random stuff (she has two very cool tattoos). I convinced her to agree to a picture and yes, I have actually written her since then, thank you very much.
In hindsight, this was a terrible background.
Boarded the plane around 9:30 pm. One of the in-flight movies was Peter Pan and I watched part of it in Chinese before discovering the English channel. International flights are cool because you can get drinks like port free. While I was writing in my journal notebook, my pen started leaking due to cabin depressurization...Doh! Dinner was chicken stir fry. Man, this trip is going well. Next movie's the Jungle Book. A half dozen movies later (personal TVs in the back of every economy class chair) and it's 2:54 am, Boston time. As I pulled out a postcard to write to Kristy, my friend since middle school, the flight attendant asked me if I wanted her to mail it. No postage, no fee, just finish the card and give it to her. The flight attendant simply took the card up to the front when I was done and put it in a box. Nice!

Deplaned in Vancouver to stretch, and I guess to let the plane refuel and stuff like that. It's about 1 am local time, so 4 am back in Boston. Around 10 am PST (1 am in Hong Kong) we're about at the North/South Korea border, just east of Japan. Passed over Japan and Taiwan. No missiles were fired. We arrived around 5:35 am Hong Kong Time, picked up my bags around 6 am.

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