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Paris in Sunlight

Paris, France
Slept well. I tried to stay quiet for my roomies, but the shower door is only 3/4 of the doorway. Privacy, but not from sound. Breakfast at 7:30. By 8:50 am I had TGV reservations for Bern, so the day can now begin. Cobblestones are pretty, but hurt when you walk on them.
I came up to Notre Dame at 9:35, peeked around it. At 10 o'clock I ran into Penina outside of ND. Petit Monde? I saw her walking down the street, so I leaned up against a lamp post until she was within an arm's reach and said "How's it going?" While still in Boston, we had planned to get in touch with each other for dinner, but it was just coincidence that she'd just arrived in town only 15 minutes before now. I'll be meeting up with her and the people she's staying with.

I walked to the Musee D'Orsay, where I stumbled upon the Monet I have a poster of in my room. There was an art tour in French discussing it. I'm now more or less lost in the D'Orsay when I pass by Monet's Le pont d'Argenteuil, my favorite painting of his. Just my luck to be tired and weary and get to rest here. Saw lots of stuff here. Saw enough Rodin to justify skipping his museum. Got lunch (smoked salmon sandwich) at a nearby cafe around noon.

The sun is weird here. It's noon, but only 30 degrees off the horizon. Long shadows everywhere. Hiked from the Invalides to the Trocadero, then on to the Arc de Triumph, then down the Champs d'Elysees as far as the Concorde when my blisters went nuts.

On the Champs d'Elysees, I stopped into Sephora and got my mom some perfume for Valentine's Day. That place was cool, if slightly outside my comfort zone. After the shops, it seems like nothing here is paved. It's all sandy dirt. I'm sitting at an octogonal pool on the side with everyone facing the setting sun. Eight white statues are between me and the Louvre.

As I went about getting ready for dinner, I took the Metro down to the stop that Penina told me about. Again with the "sounds like" game. I walked down Rue de Reuilly and missed Rue de Gare de Reuilly. I got to the place at the appointed time, and we (Penina, her friend, and I) went for dinner at Zygomates...We were too early, as Parisian dinner is eaten at 8pm. Her roommate and roomie's boyfriend met us there. It was interestingly cozy, and my lamb was good. I went to sleep back at the hostel after dinner.

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