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Out and about in Genoa

Genoa, Italy
Slept in until 8:30-9am. It's around 14C and misty...still before sunrise. I walked to a bakery, ordered and paid in Italian. Walked to the Acquario di Genova, where I saw Harbor seals, Med monk seals, sandbar shark (squalo), Angel shark, South African fur seals (they have ears!), moray eel, Green sea turtle, nurse shark, sharks in eggs (that was weird), horseshoe crabs, electric eel (700V), and chameleons. The boat shaped building was part rainforest, part coral reef. I saw pufferfish, rays, Asiatic rock pythons, and boas. A guy was feeding squid to a shark and turtle. Saw Humboldt (Peruvian) and Adelie Penguins. The Adelie male chooses a stone and places it in front of the chosen female. If the female accepts the offer, she will pick up the stone and both will begin to build their nest.

I left the aquarium , got lost, and stumbled across Casa Christopher Columbus. Then I wandered into Piazza de Ferrari-it has a very grand scale.
I strolled down a modern shopping street to the Piazza Vittoria, where a small market was set up. Further strolling found me at the shores of the Med, stopping for Pizza. After lunch, I wandered back back into town, down back roads, stairs, the stuff not labelled on the map. The air was fresh away from the roads. A note though: walking into town or out of town involved a hill.

On the way back from checking the train schedule, I saw another alley to explore. In retrospect, it was probably a slum. Everyone looked rather ragged, except for this tall, well-dressed, reasonably attractive woman. As soon as I made eye contact and she winked, it then dawned on me why she wasn't so out of place. I looked straight ahead and walked on.

I chilled out in my room until dinner to let my feet rest. I'm pretty sure my pictures are of Piazza de Ferrari, S. Andrea Cloister (i think it was next to Casa Columbus), and maybe the Palazzo Tursi e Municipio. But that's about as detailed as my map was.

Random grotto viewed from an alley
View of the alley from my room
I strolled down the block at a little past 7:38pm to Trattoria le Maschere, and ordered Ravioli and rosso vino with gelati semifreddo al torroncino. The ravioli was good, and the wine was ok. I think the desert was coffee ice cream. I fell into bed contentedly full.

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