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Getting out of England awake

Oxford, England
Since the bus was due at 6 am, I ordered a cab last night for 5:30. I planned to wake up at 5-5:15, using my watch alarm and Coates as a backup. I laid all my stuff out to make things fast. However, when 5:30 rolled around, I woke up to the cabbie ringing the doorbell and scramble to get packed. I lost a minute or two to the front door (needed a key to get out, there were like 15 keys on the chain).

The cab was quick, and I had 10 minutes to wait for the 6 am to leave promptly. Arrived at Gatwick just before 8. When I was loading my bags on the bus, I had to decide between North and South Terminals. Since most people were loading their stuff into the South compartment, so did I. So when most of the people got off the bus, so did I. And it worked.

I had to repack my bag in the terminal...I had simply stuffed stuff into it when the cabbie arrived. Boarding begins at 10:15. I have to stay awake until then. I walked around the little gift store area, just the usual stuff. 10:46am...on the plane back to Boston...good night.

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