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Plaza Mayor Christmas Market

We had no firm plans for our time in Madrid, so we made our way to Plaza Mayor and the La Latina barrio to experience some of the local vibes.
Still recovering from yesterday's walk through Madrid, we had a lazy breakfast at hotel. It was here that our girls discovered churros! For the adults, there was bacon made from Serrano ham! We left for Plaza Mayor at 11 am to walk off our long breakfast off down cobblestone streets.
Plaza Mayor
The sun was bright behind the overcast skies at the Christmas market in Plaza Mayor.

There were several stalls selling the same nativity scene pieces.
Street performers roamed around, hoping to catch your eye and perform for a small fee.
Enormous bubbles!

The magic of the internet!

Plaza Mayor panorama

Classic Spanish costumes
We stopped into the Chocolatería San Ginés, a chocolate "bar" for a treat (espresso and ice cream) at  half past noon. From there, we walked to west towards the palace grounds, but ended up in the Paque de Atenas.
Parque de Atenas
Kids played on the playground until we got hungry and sought out lunch around three o'clock, ultimately following our stomachs to the El Viajero restaurant for an octopus sandwich and pork tacos. Then we walked back thru the colorful La Latina to the Plaza Mayor on our way to Puerto del Sol.

Yes, that kind of "caca"

Familiar, right?

The Ham Museum?

The bear and tree is the symbol of Madrid
Then up the pedestrian Calle de la Montera towards our hotel. Our overall impression of Madrid is that it's a very livable city, and you really can navigate from plaza to plaza.
I don't recommend the sandwich

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