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Plaza de España

We planned today's exploration of Madrid over breakfast. Heading west, we'd start at the #plaza-espana, then head north past the Debod #egyptian-temple on our way to the #cable-car station that would take us to teleferico in the Casa de Campo. After lunch we made our way East to the #wax-museum before heading back to the hotel.

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Plaza de España
Don Quixote statues w Cervantes.

Egyptian Temple
Line to see it (we didn't wait). It was relocated from South of Aswan when Spain helped build the dam (would have been flooded. Kinda neat tie in, as we'd met the friends we're touring with on our Egyptian Nile cruise. In fact, the "surprise" resulted in "oh, it's another temple".

The view here was pleasant, could see the palace (and grounds from yesterday) while a troubadour played Bob Dylan.
Cable Car
Actually called the "Teleférico de Madrid" They play Spanish, English, and french audio tracks which provided quite a bit of additional information as we sailed over the city.

 Lunch at park, play on pground
Cable car back,

 then walked to Starbucks to add to our collection. As luck would have it, they had the little demitasse mugs that take up far less space than the regular mugs. Even so, it seemed a bit silly to get coffee at Starbucks when so many other cafes surround us. That reminds me of that one time in Vienna...

Wax Museum
After our coffee break, we took the metro to the wax museum. The first two stops included some street music on our train car that gave it a vibrancy like a cinematic background.

the wax museum had several exhibits, which it appears to have added over the years. we started off in a hall of historical Spanish figures like king and queen and Juana de loco, Franco, and others.

 the second part was the train of terror, which our 8-yr  old daughter didn't want to ride. the 5-yr old did. it was a simple ride, with mechanical action. not really all that scary. the third part was a simulation of riding the great Wall of China like a rollercoaster. not sure how that was wax-related, but the kids enjoyed it.

the main exhibit had some well executed historical displays.

there were also several celebrities, some better made than others. I think the most lifelike one was Leo DiCaprio, though they did a good job with George Clooney.

 we took the metro back to the hotel which had decorated for Christmas, where we closed out the night.

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