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Roman Ruins: Hierapolis and Cleopatra's Baths

After visiting Laodikeia and the Kaklik cavern, we drove up to the north gate of Hierapolis. Rather than walking up the travertines again, we walked through the Necropolis (City of the Dead) to get to our destination. Check out the view:
The walk wasn't long, but there is a shuttle bus that runs between the gate and the baths. We planned to take it on the way back, but a nice walk through the Turkish countryside seemed like just the thing to burn off some of the kids' post-lunch energy.

Over the centuries, this building has appeared to sink as the calcium deposits grow.
It almost looks like the structures are being washed away over a waterfall.
Otherworldly, isn't it?
The ridges aren't that deep, but there are so many of them that it adds up.


Cleopatra Baths at Hierapolis
Supposedly named for Cleopatra as a gift from Marc Anthony, this place is basically a naturally heated pool with a few unique characteristics.
First, the spring supplies warm water that sparkles so much that it is called "Champagne Water" for the super fine bubbles that stick to your body until you wipe them away (which is more fun than it sounds like). Second, there are Roman ruins (mostly columns) in the pool. Sure, they were probably put there for the tourists, but they're still there. While not all that unique, there sure were a lot of Russians. There was also a big chicken at the entrance that is the symbol of the Denizli region.
Have you ever seen a turnstile at the exit to a pool?
Submerged columns in Cleopatra's pool
RRR forgot his swimsuit
It was 10 Lira for locker (bring your own towel!), and we got the deposit back, which we used for the bus fare back to north gate and our car. We drove back to the hotel and walked around to find a place to eat dinner. We chose a family restaurant were a Turkish woman was making bread right outside the entrance. We sat on sofas surrounding a table while 90's music played in the background.
A delightfully cool breeze that carried the scent of the grille to us. The restaurant owner gave the girls little "evil eye" pins. When we got back to the room, I realized we may have lost kid's purse yesterday somewhere along the way. Oops.

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