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Our Family Vacation to Turkey

This last week was a great time to get out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: the schools were out for Eid al-Adha, the government was shut down because of the Hajj traffic, and many of the stores are closed as well. So our family went to Turkey.
I can't find the Blue Mosque anywhere!
More specifically, we went to Istanbul and Pamukkale. We had wanted to go to Cappadocia as well, but all the best things to do there require the kids to be a bit older for it to be worth the effort: they have to be at least 7 for hot air balloon rides, and big enough to ride a horse by themselves. Even so, we had quite a full trip.
The Travertines at Pamukkale
Journal pages from our trip:


Also, here's a couple of reasons why you shouldn't fly Royal Jordanian.

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