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Cottaging on Manitoulin Island

Our extended family spent a week cottaging on the Manitoulin Island. We've stayed at various places around the island over the years, but this one was pretty good for location, quality, and price. I'm hesitant to publicly disclose which one we stayed at (because I don't want it to be booked up when we want to go back), but rest assured that there are lots of places on the island to find a cottage.
This scene seems like it belongs in a Wes Anderson Film...
The first night we got in, the clouds were kind of gloomy and the boathouse was on a long spit of land that reminded me of something out of a Wes Anderson film. I have a weirdly accurate visual memory sometimes. Seriously, here's the exact scene that I was thinking of:
...like the Island Police hut from Moonrise Kingdom
On Sunday, owing to Germany's match in the World Cup, we ate schnitzel and spetzle at the Happy Moose restaurant. I actually had to run to another cabin as the match was starting to switch out the coaxial cable, but it didn't make a difference to our older daughter who managed to sleep through the second half and extra time, including the one goal that caused everyone in the room to cheer.

The name of a nearby lake road was Ketchankookem, presumably after the good fishing opportunities. The gloominess of the first day disappeared overnight and the weather improved so much and held for the week that the kids were down by the lake almost every morning and evening.
Same boathouse, different day.
Paddles optional

Canada's youngest superhero

Sunset on the lake
So, yeah, beautiful sunsets are just one reason we keep coming back to the Manitoulin.

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