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Bridal Veil Falls and the Cup and Saucer Trail

Bridal Veil Falls
The Manitoulin Island has many natural playgrounds, but everytime we come up here we visit Bridal Veil Falls. Apparently, Atlantic salmon spawn in the pools below the falls. At least they avoid the poison ivy hiding on the trail. The falls are accessible by trail as well as from above. We almost always start at the falls and hike into town, as it's easier that way.

Cup and Saucer Trail
Several of us drove further out to the Cup and Saucer trail. Somewhere along the way, we took a wrong trail. Looking at the map below, I'm not sure we were ever actually on a trail until after we found ourselves looking up at the face of escarpment. If you didn't know, you're supposed to be looking out over it, like these photos show:

Turns out, this is not actually the trail.
Easy climb, but just challenging enough
Looking down from the Escarpment
The view from atop the Escarpment
The stump of a bubble gum tree
More scenic views
Simple pleasures
Timeless beauty
You'll notice that several of the pictures show our daughter enjoying the ERGO Baby carrier. It's a super-light, frameless child carrier that packs down very easily for travel. It can be used in several configurations (front, back, and hip), and you can actually feel the kid breathing when they ride on your back because there's nothing between you and them. We highly recommend this to anyone who has a kid under 3 years of age that might like to walk even if they can't go the whole way. I wish that we'd had it on out trip up here last time.

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