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Traveling with Kids: Headphones

We were in the market for some headphones for our 5-yr-old daughter to use for school and travel. Cost was a factor, as was durability and performance. We stayed with the wired variety because, while wireless headphones seem pretty cool, they tend to be heavier (battery weight) and there's a greater potential for them to stop working on long trips. We also focused on the over-the-ear style as they minimize outside noise (like engine noise or fireworks) better than the on-ear ones.

JVC HAKD5P TinyPhones
Pros: Adjustable wide headband, noise limit (85db), cushy earpads, and color options. JVC is also a well-established electronics brand. Bonus: stickers!

Cons:The headphone jack could be a little bit bigger for little fingers to grab (but maybe that's why they made it so small.

Verdict: This is the model we bought and our daughter loved it!

Kidz Gear
Pros: Adjustable double band, noise limit (80-90 dB), cushy earpads, and many color options.

Cons: The adjustable arms can get stuck in hair. The company only makes this one product (though it gets good reviews).

Verdict: We almost got this one, but it seemed less durable than the JVC model. 

Maxell Safe Soundz
Pros: Adjustable wide headband, noise limit (75db), cushy earpads, and color options. Maxell is also a well-established brand.

Cons: The Amazon reviews say they are rather quiet. Consider that city traffic inside a car is 85db, and these only go up to 75 dB.

Verdict: These didn't seem like they would perform well during travel because they are limited too low.

There are so many types of headphones out there, it really does depend on what you're looking for.

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