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A Day in Oslo

As luck would have it, I got to visit Oslo for some on-the-job training and enjoy some free-time to walk around the city, too. Since my time was limited,  decided to traverse the city from west to east (for the most part).

Akershus Castle
My trip actually began in Vienna, and I landed n Oslo just before midnight on Wednesday, and the Flybussen dropped me off very near my hotel about 40 minutes later. The bus is very convenient, especially since you can get a return ticket and not have to worry about getting back to the airport (it's a very expensive cab ride, so I hear).
As an aside, if you're in Vienna, try the Ottakriger Radler. It's excellent.
RRR in Vienna, hours before his flight to Oslo.
On Thursday after work, I watched the US-Germany World Cup game while the rain poured down outside. As the game ended, the rain also stopped. So, I figured that was an invitation to get touring and went outside. I started off at the Royal Palace and continued on into the Oslo city center.
RRR and the Royal Palace
Karl Johans Gate
Oslo's crest on a manhole cover
A bronze tiger prowling around the train station.
The Norwegian National Ballet and Opera
By the time I reached the Akershus fotress and castle, the rain began to fall again. To make matters worse, it had just closed 30 minutes ago.
This was the closest I could get to the castle today.
Lots of ships in the harbour

Pride Park. Note the disco ball shining a beam of light through the rain.
The "Have fun. Be Safe! Enjoy free condoms" sign
is in front of a statue of woman with two kids. Hmmm.
Nobel Peace Center
After visiting the city center, I returned to my hotel. In the rain.

After concluding my business on Friday, I took the T-Bane (metro) over to the Borgen stop. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the electrified "suicide rail" explicitly labelled as such. From Borgen, I walked through a cemetery and into the famous Vigeland sculpture park which is actually inside Frogner park..
The cemetery at Borgen
Ironwork gate in Vigeland sculpture park
RRR at the controversial Kongolandsbyen exhibit.
RRR and the Angry Boy statue

RRR! Save us from Gustav Vigeland!
After the Frogner Park, I hopped on the tram/T-Bane to the Munch Museum, passing the Botanical Garden on my way.
This sofa probably could stand to be cleaned a little more often...
Once I got the Munch museum and walking around the gift shop, I decided that I didn't really want to pay the price of admission to see the scream. I mean, it's a masterpiece, but I think I like the Lego version more. So, I headed back to the city center to see about getting into the Akershus Fortress. As I arrived at the castle, a military wedding was just about to start and I just barely got inside to take a few pictures before I was told the castle was closed to the public.
Walking around the fortress that surrounds the castle, I came across this figure sitting in deep reflection.
From the fortress, I walked back to my hotel.
RRR and some distant relatives.
Children playing next to statues of children playing.

The National Theatre's production of Hitchcock's The Birds
Yeah, can I get a hot dog wrapped in bacon with meat topping?
Oslo street art thief. Banksy maybe?
I went back to the hotel to change & rest before heading back downtown (for a third time) to get some food with some other Foreign Service folks before calling it a night. Overall, a quite enjoyable trip!

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