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Rejected by Amazon

The good news: Amazon will still take my money to send me stuff that I order from them. Which is pretty good. The bad (or perhaps simply more direct) news is that my account on Amazon Associates was rejected per their email:
Thanks again for joining the Amazon Associates program. We’re reaching out to you because we have not seen sales activity on your account.
At the time your application was submitted, you were given access to Associates Central and the link building tools located there. However, we haven’t recorded a referral from your account yet.
Associate accounts that have not referred a sale to Amazon.com within 90 days of sign-up will be automatically rejected.  However, if your account is automatically rejected, you will be welcome to re-apply to the program in the future.
Which, let's be honest, was going to happen anyways because very few people read this niche blog, and none you who do read it are looking here to buy stuff I'm reviewing. But, on occasion, there are some hilarious data analysis moments when a random search engine picks up on this blog...I'm assuming it's a search engine, and not some really bored Mossad agent passing the night shift by surfing the internet.
Ziva David, is that you?
While I suppose that I could say that I need to post more interesting stuff on here to raise readership (I do need to do that), I could also say that you, my readers, need to buy stuff (don't worry, I won't) because "I have failed because you have not helped me..."
Anyone care for a jelly donut?

So, I'll probably still continue to post links to stuff on Amazon but am (still) under no illusion that anyone's buying it.

Update: On May 24th, I received an email from Amazon Associates saying "Congratulations, your application to the Amazon.com Associates Program has been approved." Which is odd because I didn't take any action to renew the application. Oh well, guess they don't mind me plugging products that no one buys...

What it does mean is that you can once again read more of our product reviews or visit the Passport Stamp Collector Store on Amazon.

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