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Anticipating Memorial Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

The office is somewhat quiet as it's the Friday before Memorial Day. If you didn't know, there are lots of Memorial Day events in Washington, D.C. and most locals try to get out of town before the tourist traffic pours in. Seriously, folks, if you're coming into town, use the metro and don't even think driving because you won't find parking...assuming you can navigate the road closures.

A screenshot of DC traffic before noon the Friday before Memorial Day.
  Click here for real time updates.
Since the office is quiet, I thought I'd share some humor. This one is about riding on the metro.

This sketch can apply to just about any office with a technical staff and a non-technical staff. I frequently find myself in the role of "the expert," but fortunately my coworkers don't (usually) fall into the other categories.

Have great weekend!