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Brussels Without Plans (Again)

After my flight landed and I made my way to the hotel, I had to find something to do with my time in Brussels, again. So, I strolled on down to La Chaloupe D'Or on the Grand-Place for dinner. I got there right around sunset, and since it was a cloudless sky, I was able to take some pretty good photos of the area.

 But the real reason to go to this area is not to see these beautifully gilded old buildings gleaming in the setting sun (but you should still try to see it if you get the chance). The reason I like to go here is simple: Chocolate. Everyone has their favorite: Leonidas, Neuhaus, or - for me - Galler. I really can't describe to you how much better fresh Belgian chocolate is than any of the others, so put it on your bucket list to try some. It might even come in a box like this:

While eating dinner, I saw an advertisement for The Art of the Brick exposition here in Brussels and it just so happens I have nothing to do tomorrow except go see it. Having finalized my plans, I walked back home and passed an art installation about icebergs that really needs a video to convey the experience.

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