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Brussels: The Art of the Brick

You've probably heard of this artistic use of Lego bricks already, but I think that this is the first time The Art of the Brick has made its way to Europe. As a lifelong LEGO fan, it was really fun to see this different way of approaching creativity. The gallery was effectively four different groups. The first group were original works by Nathan Sawaya, predominantly monochromatic sculptures about the human condition. The second group were recreations of famous paintings, both in two and three dimensions. The third group were recreations of sculptural icons. The last group were a collection of things that I really couldn't figure out how to categorize. Either way, these pictures do not do justice to the sculptural works of art and you should try to see the exhibit in person if you get the chance.
Human Condition


Famous Paintings Recreated in LEGO
The Scream...now in 3-D!
There are roughly four layers on this one giving it that sense of depth
Chinese Horse cave painting and the Bayeux Tapestry

Another 3-D rendering, kind of insane, really.

A profile view showing the 3-D effect for the Girl with a Pearl Earring

Famous Sculptures Recreated in Lego
Manneken-Pis and Winged Victory

Manneken-Pis and The Thinker


Other Artwork
Janis, Jimmi, and Courtney

Brussels really does seem to be under construction
RRR's exhausted from looking at all the Lego art.
So, yeah, it's a different experience than the original LegoLand in Denmark (or Legoland Florida), but well worth it.

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