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Copenhagen in December

It started with a traditional Danish breakfast - strawberry yogurt/bacon/sausage/egg/danishes and lots of coffee. I spent the morning in an orientation meeting for one project that included guided tours of the mechanical rooms, so I was squeezing by/between actively spinning machinery while simultaneously imagining that my surroundings would make a good movie setting (claustrophobic, utilitarian, industrial). You know, where the bad guys ultimately meet their demise. 

After the "tour", we went to Halifax burger for lunch. It was a good meal before getting down discussing bonds. Contractual bonds. That sounded more 007 in my head that it probably did to you. Specifically, I got to learn a good deal about performance and payment bonds. What are those? Well, in short, a company gets these bonds from a bank to guarantee to us that--should the contractor fail to deliver on their end of the contract--the costs we incur are covered (to an extent). Anyways, we ran into problems with a Danish contractor and were forced to demand the bond payment. Normally, that's not that complicated. However, we had a contract governed by American contract law (for work in Denmark) with a Danish contractor who employed subcontractors according to Danish law. We had two contractual bond requirements, one of them covers us from the bankruptcy of the prime contractor and the other covers the subcontractors so that they get paid for the work they did. Anyways, the meeting lasted until almost 6pm. 

So, on the way back to the hotel, we unwound at Bistro Boheme with a glass or two of Riesling. Nice. After a quick stop at the hotel to drop my work stuff and pick up my camera, I headed down to the Strøget walkplatz. It's all decorated for Christmas:
A curtain of light

Massive ornaments

Funny how Christmas decorations can make a street look like the Red Light District.

So many naughty puns for this picture...

RRR at the Christmas Market

Holiday hearts

Christmas, merry you should have.

The following morning I slept in, followed by a large breakfast. Finally left hotel at 1015. Walked to metro, only to realize that it takes coins and chipped cards only. One day, Denmark, I will have the right combination of financial tools to buy a metro ticket from your kiosks! But not today. I changed a bill at the magasin convenience store to get a ticket to the airport. Arrived at 1045 and did the auto check in. Interestingly, 1) the kiosk said my flight was at 1130, but boarding pass said correct time of 1230. Unnecessary stress. 2) couldn't select exit rows at kiosk, but was able to switch at gate. Stress relieved.

Also, when the little mermaid travels, she apparently takes rocks as carry-on. Presumably, they are over the weight limit for checked baggage.
The Little Mermaid at Copenhagen Airport

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