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48 Hours in NYC - The First Day

We Drove up from DC on friday. Traffic wasn't bad, but there were a lot of tolls. In some cases, it seemed like you paid a toll after crossing a bridge only to pay to go thru a tunnel before the next exit. Still not as bad as tolls to drive across France or that $600 parking ticket in Amsterdam. That said, it took an hour between entering the line for the Holland tunnel to the hotel in midtown because we hit it right as rush hour was begining.

After checking in to the hotel, we strolled down to Times Square, past Radio City Music Hall, then on to Rockefeller Center.
Not impressed. Golf clap.

RRR at Times Square

You should have seen the tree they fell off of...

RRR outside Radio City Music Hall

Ice Skaters at Rock Center
Dinner at TGIF was over-priced, but I ended up getting a margarita and the sampler platter. I split the drink with the wife and the meal with the kids. Not because I'm cheap, just because there really isn't anything that good on the menu. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in to a Tim Horton's that was staffed by one person who was also working the entire Nathan's hot dog counter. Not ideal.

Went back to the hotel and crashed for the night. Woke up for pancakes and discovered that it was also snowing. That works perfectly for us to see Central Park as a winter wonderland.
"Coat Sledding" down some snow-covered rocks

It's Little Red Riding Hood!
Alice in Wonderland Statue

We had to hustle a bit on the way back to the hotel to get the little one settled down for her nap and to be there when the sitter arrived. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to find a friend of mine in town with a caregiver they weren't using that day. If it weren't for her, the primary reason we made the trip would have been compromised.

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