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Marine Corps Marathon - 10K

Ok, so today's plan was to ride my bike to the metro so that I can run the Marine Corps 10k that finishes near my office, where I'll change then catch the metro to another stop near the interstate where Kacey will pick me up and we drive to Maryland for dim sum with friends at 11. What's complicated about that?

First change of plans was that I wasn't able to sneak out of the house at 0530 as the kids were all up then, so we just loaded into the car to drop me off at the metro. I have never seen the metro that crowded that early on a sunday morning (but I don't usually ride it that early, either). Standing room only until the Pentagon station. Which was packed. The 10K starts at the Smithsonian/Natural history museum, so anyone who didn't get off at pentagon was headed there with me.

Considering how complicated my original plan was, it's probably not surprising that I would forget something...like actually training for the 6.25-mile run. I'd originally signed up to motivate myself to train for it. That kinda back-fired and I'm running it because I paid the admission fee. It was kind of chilly, waiting around in the clear, dark, 40+ F air but I'd previously run in similar conditions so I was dressed for it.

Unfortunately, I think I strained a muscle during my warm-ups, as if I needed another excuse to take it easy
Of course, the whole "no one left behind" plus Marines cheering you on means that you have to be very strategic about where you take your breaks. My strategy was to run 3 x 2-mile sections, and every mile I would pop one of those gatorade jelly cubes to keep my mind occupied.

So yeah, I got passed by an amputee running with his guide dog about a mile to go, then in the last quarter-mile, the first two wheelchair competitors from the full marathon passed me. I'm not taking anything away from those guys, but I should probably train a little more for the next one.

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