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Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival

When you hear the phrase "Mullet Festival", what image comes to mind? I went Saturday night, because "Sunday is Family Day (that means no beer)." Admission was only $5, but "Unmarried children under 12 still get in free." Ok, that's all true, but the event is actually to celebrate the mullet, even though I think we all know that it was really for mullets.

These are some of the various forms of wild mullet that I spotted (no photos though):
  • ultimullet
  • mullhawk (in a chicken suit!)
  • midgiemullet
  • halfmullet
  • and a few cases of parental neglect
I may have forgotten to mention that the event also had some top country music in the form of: Dierks Bentley and Montgomery Gentry. You might have heard Dierks What was I Thinkin' on the radio, and Montgomery Gentry's got My Town, Hell Yeah, and Speed on the radio.

Here's some photos of the local wildlife (taken at extreme risk to self):
Dancing Girls

Dierks Bentley 

Dixie Outfitters: Your place for Stars and Bars

Dixie Chicks

This is an eerie tree, isn't it?

Gator Ka-bobs

Montgomery Gentry


Mullet Festival Sign


Mullet Festival Shirts

Jean vest: When formality does not require a full denim suit.

Cheerleaders on slides

It's an experience, and you should try to go if you're in the area.

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