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Lots of Lanyards

Do you have an identification badge that must be visible at all times? Then you're familiar with the lanyard. If you don't think that you know what a lanyard is, you probably have seen one and just didn't know that's what it's called. It's a glorified "thing that goes around your neck to hold stuff." Most people put either keys or ID cards on them (but some people put both).

Anyways, over the last four weeks, my lanyard collection has grown at the rate of one per week. I showed up for orientation about a month ago with two black lanyards left over from my last job. On the first day of orientation, I got my new ID card along with a silver ball-chain lanyard like the ones that you'd keep dog tags on. I promptly swapped it out for one of the lanyards that I brought with me. 

The next week, we received a blue lanyard emblazoned with AFSA from the American Foreign Service Association as they made their marketing pitch to get us to become members. One week later, my Foreign Service Specialist orientation class social committee provided us all with blue lanyards that had 127TH FSS and the State Department seal on them. After orientation ended, I showed up at work and was given yet another blue lanyard that has OVERSEAS BUILDING OPERATIONS and CONSTRUCTION, FACILITY, AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT printed on it. 

That's roughly seven feet of new lanyards. Seriously. I connected them together and the combined length ran from the floor to somewhere above my head. And that's without the ball-chain one (which could arguably be called a necklace). I'm trying to find a good use for them all. Like connecting all the stuff in my pockets to them. Anyone got any good ideas?

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