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HHE delivery during Hurricane Sandy

Today was the day I had scheduled for my Household Effects (HHE) to be delivered. While I don't think I'd mentioned it before on the blog, we sold our house back in June and were living with familiy and/or in temporary housing until October. For the last two weeks, I was sleeping on an air mattress and had no chairs in the entire house to sit on. Okay, that's not entirely accurate: I did receive some folding chairs in my unaccompanied baggage (UAB) last week...but that's a far cry from comfortable. So I was really looking forward to getting all of our stuff.

Emphasis on the word "was." This was also the week that Hurricane Sandy tore up the eastern seaboard. I got the day off because the federal government closed...but my HHE is stored in a federal warehouse. So the movers couldn't get access to the stuff they needed to move. I really should have scheduled delivery for last Friday, then I would have had a 4-day weekend to unpack.

Superstorm Sandy
Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012

As it is, I guess I'm glad our stuff isn't going to get soaked, but now we've rescheduled for Friday. Hopefully.

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