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An offer to join the U.S. Foreign Service

As the day at the office was winding down (2:14 pm, to be precise), I got an email from my Foreign Service registrar asking me to send her a copy of my medical clearance. Hmmm. That's a curious question to ask. I believe the term I want to use here is "signalling." Why would you ask for that (since it was already taken care of a month ago) unless you were just making sure your paperwork was in order? Of course, I sent it right away.

Well, not even an hour later, I received another email from her:
Congratulations!!! You are now on the Foreign Service Construction Engineer (CE) register. 
It is my pleasure to formally offer you an employment appointment to join the September 10, 2012, Specialist Orientation Class for Foreign Service Construction Engineer (CE). You will then be assigned to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Additional training may be required if post specified. This is subject to change.

That brief announcement was followed by two more pages of emphasized phrases, detailed reporting information, and numerous validation requests. The mixture of caffeine and euphoria-induced adrenaline made keeping my focus rather difficult. After trying to read the whole email through a couple of times and losing my place about midway through, I decided to go line by line and just answer the questions as they came up.

So, yeah, I've just been invited to join the Foreign Service...guess I need to get some more suits.

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  1. Do you have any idea how many names were on the register list when you got picked off? I know it was a long time ago... I’m on the register right now for FM but they won’t tell me how many names are on the list. I’m trying to get a feel if I am 1 of 100 or 1 of 10.