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And more waiting...

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the amount of change and upheaval 2012 holds for me (and my family) is how much time goes by between the flurries of chaos. Last month was all about getting the house prepped to sell. This month, we're mostly preparing for kid #2 to make her appearance. Oh, and that whole "joining the Foreign Service" thing that's been rumbling in the background in different forms for about a year now. As the saying goes "long period of boredom, punctuated my moments of sheer terror." Ok, terror's probably a little dramatic...but chaos fits.

Anyways, right now there's nothing going on. Not even crickets. Maybe's it's the heat, I don't know. I think that I've got my internet browsing cycle of Facebook-State Dept-Yahoo Groups-CNN-etc down to about 5 minutes before I'm back at the beginning, wondering 1) why nothing's happened in the last 5 minutes, and 2) why I'm not trying to tackle any of the tasks I've got on my growing to-do list.

There are all kind of nebulous shadows looming on the horizon and creeping closer day by day, but they're still very much intangible and ineluctable despite the palpable tension. Kind of like the part of an epic movie just before the huge battle scene, that scene where you're watching and you know that it's gotta get good really soon. Like when the archer's lighting his arrow and nocking it, but has yet to draw back. But now the director's decided that more drama is necessary, so the archer enters slow-motion and you can feel this primal yell welling up within you as though shouting "Just do it already!!!!" will in some way compel the archer to let forth with the signal that launches the salvo that ignites the world into conflict.


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