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Welcome to the Rock!
Probably the most interesting thing about Gibraltar, other than the legendary big rock and all the Barbary Apes, was that we had to walk across the runway to get into town. We parked in Spain and walked across the border, which is just north of the airport...which is practically the same width as the country.
The only way into Gibraltar by land is across the runway.


We took a bus down to the southern tip where we could see Africa. It was rather windy out there on the exposed outcrop of rock.
Africa on the left, Europe on the right.
From there, we caught a bus back into town, had lunch at Smith's Fish & Chips, and then hiked up the rock...where we encountered several families of apes. Some of them even tried to get into the baby's stroller!
Still grumpy with that view?
Shade, glorious shade...

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