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Day Trip to Tangier, Morocco

We boarded a ferry in Tarifa, Spain and headed over to Tangier (also known as Tangiers), Morocco. Written out, I keep wanting to pronounce it as "tangy-er." The ferry ride over isn't that long, and most of the time is spent waiting in line on board the ferry to get the customs & immigration paperwork taken care of.

While standing in line, I realized that the car key had fallen out of my pocket. Fortunately, I figured out that it probably slipped out while I was sitting down...so I went back to my seat and there it was. I don't even want to think about how bad it would have been to have lost the key, only to realize it at the end of a long day with no means of getting back to the hotel or airport tomorrow.
The most stylized pedestrian symbol I've ever seen


Anyways, we arrived at the port of Tangiers shortly thereafter. We made our way through bustling crowds to meet up with our tour guide, who escorted us to the van. I should point out that we've got our baby with us, but the van didn't have a car seat. So, for the one day in her life where I really didn't have a choice, my daughter got to ride in my lap while we drove around town. Hopefully that wasn't illegal...but I didn't see anyone with car seats while we were driving.

Our guided walking tour through the Kasbah was pretty fun. It was featured in the Bourne series, and I actually recognized part of the entrance in the movie. We stopped at a restaurant and had a nice local meal in what is probably a tourist restaurant catering to foreigners on tour.
The entrance to the Kasbah


Obi Wan, is that you?


My new camel trinket, bought just outside the restaurant.
Lunch Time!
We also stopped at a carpet shop (that probably contributes to the tour company) where we bought a Berber carpet. It was woven in the Atlas mountains, so it's literally a Berber carpet. They washed it and mailed it to Florida for us, can't wait to see it in the house.
Our new Berber carpet
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