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Florence, also known as Firenze, is well-known for it's beautiful art and architecture.


So, funny story about Florence and getting in to see the David. There is a convoluted voucher system where you pay part of the ticket online and bring a print-out of that payment to their desk where the cashier proceeds to tell you that it is only a partial payment. And if you don't have that voucher with you, you have to run all over Florence to find an internet cafe to print it out. All before the museum closes. And if you're lucky, you're not so frazzled on your return that you don't forget your tour guide book on the security x-ray machine in your rush to get admitted to the museum. So, understand what you need to get in or it can make the experience much less enjoyable.


And there's also this bridge: Ponte Vecchio that spans the Amo river.

Shopping on the Ponte Vecchio
The view from the Ponte Vecchio
The view from the other side of the Ponte Vecchio
Florence at night.
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