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Diving the Red Sea at Sharm El-Sheikh

A Sea Turtle near the wreckage of the SS Thistlegorm
For the last week or so, we've been diving the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Our resort's decent, but the diving's fantastic. We got a waterproof case for our digital camera, so these pictures came out much better than our Great Barrier Reef dive.

5 Nov 08: Dive 1 - Jackson Inside

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Nile Cruise Summary

Our family of four (plus one set of grandparents) took a Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan during the kids' Spring Break from school.

5 Nov 08: Dive 2 - Ras Bob


6 Nov 08: Dive 1 - Jackfish Alley

6 Nov 08: Dive 2 - Ras Za'atar

6 Nov 08: Dive 3 - Ras Ghozlani

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Red Sea Safari - Al Lith

We had the opportunity to join Red Sea Safaris on a two-day search for whale sharks in the Red Sea along a reef near Al Lith, where the season runs from mid-March to mid-May. Our tour organizers are also whale shark researchers...so our kids also got to see what real field research is all about!

7 Nov 08: Dive 1 - SS Thistlegorm
One of the highlights was the SS Thistlegorm, a British supply ship that was sunk in WWII. Interestingly, our diving party consisted of citizens from both sides of that conflict...American and German. It was my first wreck dive, and wouldn't you know it, my tank came loose while exiting the bulkhead.
That's a locomotive engine under 100 feet of water.
RRR and the Thislegrom's deck gun

Artillery rounds ... do not touch.

Into the cargo hold
So, there I am at roughly 100 feet down and I feel my tank slide onto my calf and the regulator whips my head around. But I knew that my dive buddy & wife, Kacey was an experienced divemaster and that the tour divemaster were right behind me so I really had nothing to worry about. I floated gently to the deck of the vessel while they fiddled with my tank. I even had the presence of mind to take a couple of pictures of a couple of interesting fish sitting in front of me.
Picture taken while my tank was getting fixed. 

7 Nov 08: Dive 2 - Yolanda

Moray Eel
Kacey's dive partner (Greg sat this one out)
Yes. Toilets.

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