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Headed home!

I got into my room at 0130, only to find my roommate Nate had taken my alarm clock and hung it from the bedpost. I plugged the one he was using in, but it required the use of the transformer. Set the time and alarm to 0700. Well, when the clock said 7:00, it was actually 8:05 and I was late for my meeting to check out of here. Fun fact: Digital clocks count the cycles in the current that supplies them, so you can see how a 60Hz clock plugged into a 50Hz supply would get out of sync quickly. By the time I wrote this, the clock said 8:21, but it's 9:42.

Fortunately, I'd packed yesterday and threw my dirty clothes into the bag and I was off. Had to forego the shower. Packed my razor, too. Fortunately, I had enough leftover soap and shampoo to get the job done. A few other poor planning items came to light but nothing major. My flight leaves in 12 hours and I managed to get a seat next to Roxanne, a petite command post chica. More room for me. That's good planning.

Right around noon, we got a message from the base command post to meet at the plaza to look for an Airman who was missing and considered a hazard to herself. In less than 30 minutes, there were probably a thousand people assembled and briefed on the situation and told the search plan. Just before we broke out to search, she was found. It was impressive to see a real-world organization and near-implementation happen so fast.

Checked out of my room after a departure briefing. Watched "Napoleon Dynamite" on a pirated DVD - you could hear the audience laughing. Went to the chow hall for a burger at 5pm, then a quick shower and met up at 6 to start leaving here. Got food at the grab & go, then we sat on the ground in the terminal waiting to board for over four hours.

At approximately 2240 local, 1940Z, we were on board and airborne by 2010Z. Just before take off, we paused in such a way that a structure I built was framed in the window and lit up with lights. A fitting end to the trip, really. Too bad I didn't have a camera, but I doubt I'd be allowed to take pics of the area. But the picture would have been mostly black, except for the building and sunshades which were illuminated so brightly that it looked like daytime.

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