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A Sunday in Doha

Alarm went off at 0420, but it's my day for a morale trip...with an 0900 showtime. So I slept in for two more hours. When I went to shower, it was raining (remember, I have to actually leave my trailer to go to the restroom). A definite morale booster. Some of the group were late and we were finally on the roll at 0930.

First stop was the souks, which are kind of like a specialty store area/marketplace. Because of the rains, many roads were flooded. I ended up buying a DVD with "Resident Evil I/II/Shaun of the Dead, Ghosts of Mars, and Underworld" on it. Nice little zombie theme, eh? At another store, I found a pretty cool ringer t-shirt...white with red trim and it looked like a Diesel knock-off for 25 riyal. It had a glow in the dark dragon with red eyes.

From there, it was on to the mall, where I had McDonald's in the food court. It just didn't taste right. Also had Starbucks (caramel macchiato and tiramisu) with Tate and Ed from the 1 ERHG. Wandered the mall for three hours. Heard a funny song to the tune of Yankee Doodle:
"ET was an alien,
and he was rather spacey,
caling for the universe to party and go crazy!"
Then ET sang something along the lines of "dum dum dee dee dee, my name is ET."

I also bought a can of Pocari Sweat from the Carrefour supermarket. Drank it while waiting at the meeting point. We left the mall, hit one more where there were chickens playing in a band for Eid week celebrations.

Went over to "the Pearl Guy," took a few nighttime photos of the lights around the Corniche. Bought a pair of single-pearl necklaces and one pair of earrings for QR250.

Stopped for dinner at a mediocre Chinese restaurant that cost exactly all my remaining Riyal. Last stop of the day was Harley Davidson-Qatar, where I got my friend a t-shirt.

Stayed up to watch three quarters of the ATL-PHI playoffs.

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