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Travel Trinkets

Greg likes to pick up trinkets during his travels, trying very hard to maintain a common theme of "native animals made from local materials in a traditional style." Over time, this has also come to include people in traditional clothing.

Lapis Lazuli "Bling-guin" from Punta Arenas, Chile
Pack mule from the Carrara marble quarry, Italy
In addition to the ones we've personally gathered, we've also been fortunate to have friends that travel who have contributed to the collection as well. But those trinkets are also kind of like an open challenge for us to go visit the country they came from.
Clay "Happy Man" from Uzbekistan
Bronze Bactrian camel from Afghanistan
Where possible, we've included pictures of the trinkets on the blog post associated with when and where they were collected, but you can see the entire collection at traveltrinkets.tumblr.com.

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