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Our First Week in Cyprus

Life in the Foreign Service often requires you to hit the ground running. Fortunately, most of the people you work with have gone through the same things and offer support during the transition period.

Before we arrived:
Credit card info stolen/compromised (later found out it might have been related to our Grand Canyon Trip)
Internet up

Upon arrival in country, here's our first week. pretty standard, really.

Pet fiasco with customs - 2+ hours and home quarantine

Phones - dual SIM +Fi both worked!

Need Cyprus Dip Id before duty free (link to buying a car post)

Rented car since our sponsor was TDY and I have no work sponsor (establishing the office)

Grocery store run- no Monterey jack (Tesco product s)

Figure out sprinklers. at least how to turn on the system. Still not sure how to shut off the geyser out front that runs no matter which valves are open.

Figured out washer/dryer/dishwasher thanks to Google translate (photo)

running washer, dryer, and diswasher at the same time, Exterior power fault, set off alarm?

Got pneumonia/experienced med here

Pool party, kids played with the Ambassador

Visited school, got uniform

So much mail, it took several days to carry it in the  car had many tips

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