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En route: via Riyadh to Oman

Our family took the Thanksgiving holiday to leave Saudi Arabia and visit Oman right after their #national-day. This post has #travel-info on getting in and around and also contrasts our impressions of #Saudi Arabia to #Oman.

Started off great, our 11 am flight from Jeddah to riyadh was cancelled (only 10 passengers?), switched to the next one at 12:30. But the gate guy only told us we were getting new seats, not a new flight. The new flight was pretty full, and it looked like the flight crew from our cancelled flight was getting a ride back to riyadh.

Impressions of Riyadh Airport
Impression of Riyadh airport: Looks nice (international style), dysfunctional. You Can tell where Saudis spend money (v jeddah).Arrived at domestic terminal, no signs clarifying transfer v international flt, or how to get to oth terminals. Blue bus from t5 to t2. drove through a whole disused terminal...expansion? After swiping our boarding passes, we Found domino's, but staff had trouble putting orders to customers. No open tables, just lazy dudes not eating at them. I saw our medium pepperoni come out of the oven and sit on the rack for  10 minutes before we demanded they give it to us.
 Our gate for Muscat was 24B. So, we found 24 and 25 , but there was no sign for 24B. Asked around, we were told it's the right gate. Barely understood the announcement, but we saw men with Omani headgear getting in line, so we knew we were going the right way. Turns out, the "B" in 24B was for "Bus" or "Below" or something else requiring us to go down stairs. the bus drove around for a bit, then it seemed like the driver was asking for directions or something just before he pulled forward about 5 feet to open the doors between some concrete barriers separating the apron from the service road. Only about 30 people on the flight.

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Oman lacks the pretentiousness of Saudi Arabia. Visa were easy (online link). Also visa requirements (one of our passports was just inside the 6 month mark, so know your dates). Rented a car from budget, gas is relatively cheap and public transit is rare (traffic is light, people follow traffic rules, signs in English).
Omani national day was xx Nov 16. Everything decked out in red, white and green (flag) felt like Christmas. Even saw trees lit up!

Stayed at shangri-la AL barr. Super kid friendly - link to tomorrow and the lazy river.

Travel Info
Omani Visa Applications On-line
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