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R&R 2016 - Canada

We like to keep our kids connected to their Canadian roots, so we spent a week of our R&R on the Canadian island where their grandfather was born. With such natural beauty, you might wonder why he left. Well, it can't always be summertime...

(link back to 2016 R&R California)
Nothing eventful on our way from SFO thru minneapolis to Buffalo. Transport service from Buffalo to Canada was easy. Crossed border just after midnight, no traffic.
Between late nite arrival and 3hr time change, slept in until 10am. Breakfast at one of several IHOP nearby. Walked down to falls, then back to hornblower (red) cruise (Canadian maid of the mist (blue).

Picked up by family at hotel, overnighter in Guelph. Then ferry to island.

hikes, (cup and saucer car in ditch), S'more shoreline.

This is all going to get updated, someday.

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